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Lauren Lesinski June 25, 2019 1:11 pm

I have been doing CrossFit for the better part of 10 years. I have belonged to several gyms. Some great, some tolerable and others…not so good. I knew this place was special from my first interaction with the owner. Thanks Coach Dan! This gym feels like HOME SWEET HOME! Every single person I have met is KIND! (not always easy to find in our great vacation home of SoFlo) The coaches CARE about their athletes and PROPER FORM! They immediately found my weaknesses and help me better my technique every time I step in the gym. If you are looking for a place full of friendly people, excellent hours, great location, challenging programming, a true sense of community and PERFECT MUSIC…look no further. 1Pulse Fitness is CHAPTER NEXT! Looking forward to hitting ALL the GOALS I have set for myself with THIS GROUP of people!

Klaudia March 12, 2019 6:42 pm

Amazing coaches, staff, LMT’s and overall community they have built here at 1Pulse. It’s hard to find a great gym and feel part of a community in our busy day to day life. Not only is it a gym for adults but for the whole family and incorporates Saturday morning kids classes that are always fun, motivational, and teach proper posture and form of movement at an early age. I cannot rave enough about them, don’t hesitate to stop by and check them out!

Claire Orzel January 23, 2019 12:51 am

Excellent gym with an awesome coaching staff! The 1Pulse community made me feel welcomed right away after a long move from home. I’ve also noticed my strength increase far beyond what I was able to do as a former college athlete. Highly recommend!

Eric Anderson April 30, 2018 10:46 pm

I joined Crossfit 1Pulse in late June 2017. What an experience to say the least. Dan and Amber are dedicated professionals. On day one Dan listened to my concerns regarding my recent health (life) events and provided a thoughtful and supportive plan of attack. The members are down to earth and supportive. There is no “Big Gym” egos here. I have never been more inspired by young athletic and energetic people in my life. It’s refreshing to see young adults respect and support each other. Wish there were more of this outside the walls of Crossfit 1Pulse. I recommend everyone to drop in and see what Crossfit 1Pulse is all about. You’ll be happy you did.

Amber Bost October 27, 2016 4:53 pm

After testing out a few gyms in the area, I finally found a home here at CrossFit 1Pulse. My needs as an athlete and a competitor demand that the gym I use allow me freedom to work on my own weaknesses, but also have class programming that is challenging or has the ability for me to scale up to a challenging level for myself. As well, I need a place that is like a second home, has friendly members, good working equipment and coaches that know what they are doing and can relate to me as a member.

The Facility & Equipment:
This is a warehouse style CrossFit box. It is in the industrial park and thus has no AC. While it can get toasty, there are a few big fans that help air circulation, but really, after you acclimate, it’s not terrible. Think of it in terms of it makes you drink more water throughout the day to stay hydrated in the evenings, it makes your body work harder so you’re burning more, and when you compete in cooler temps, you are many times better! Or, you can choose the early morning or late night classes! Those are much cooler.

The running routes are clear of a lot of traffic since this is a warehouse area and you get a lake to run around so the view isn’t bad at all. The equipment is at a minimum, but so are the class sizes. They stay under 6 people per class so that the coach has a good eye on everyone all the time. I love this aspect because I hate getting lost in a bigger class and never getting any critique on what I am doing. Knowing that there are just a handful of us means that I get more one on one when we are lifting or during the workout itself.

Everyone here is really friendly. I was instantly made welcome the moment I walked in, and each time after that. People talk before the workout with everyone in their class and take a cool down lap after the workout to high five and converse about what happened. It’s really awesome! There are running events, competitions, and group hang outs constantly going on that all are always invited to as well.

The owner is pretty awesome in coaching. Not only does he push you to achieve your own goals, but he is willing to work with you to help get you there. There is never to much thrown at you at once and so long as he isn’t busy with a class, he’s always willing to help you with your form, give out scaling options or advise you on the additional workouts posted for the day if you want to do them after class.

While any CrossFit membership can be pricey compared to an LA Fitness or YouFit, the value you get here is unbeatable. Not only if you monthly fee giving you unlimited classes, you can also partake in the endurance program, extra competitor workout, and use the gym for open gym any time so long as you do not disrupt the current class. Nutrition advice and programming recommendations are also included, you just need to ask.

Overall, this is a great experience everyday and I love being a member here.