7795 W Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33351, USA

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Jason Ramsey March 13, 2020 11:01 am

DIRTIEST NASTIEST GAS STATION EVER, I had to rewash my hands after I left because the sink in the bathroom had a major leak. When I told the clerk his response was it had been like that for months!!! Bathroom was filthy, it was worse than some truck stops on the highway where you could pick up lot lizards!

Moe Dou December 13, 2019 6:02 am

Walked in around 12:50 greeted the attendant no answer from him and dresses in what they call good attire I asked for cigarettes he got them I said thank he didn’t reply gave him my coupon form oasis app with my name on it he told me this store doesn’t take coupons from it the app has 7795 address included lost the coupon I said thank you have a good day no response very disrespectful

Naresh H October 6, 2019 7:09 pm

Thieves I went yesterday to put gas the guy charged me two time . I went back no one helping me . They don’t have owner information. They don’t know when exactly he’s coming . They not accepting there mistake I show them my receipt nd my bank account . Still not helping . Thieves Thieves ……………

Kristine Comstock December 8, 2018 3:18 am

I had to wait for the cashier to finish his rap performance before he would acknowledge me…and no he never turned down the music.

Ron Helfrich July 6, 2017 12:29 pm

First of all I do not hate this store I dislike the rude employees that run the service counter here’s why. Last week I had went into the 7-Eleven to get a Slurpee I went into the men’s room to wash my hands and the floor was soaking wet from the toilet dripping I just about slipped and broke my neck so I took it upon myself as a nice guy so what who cares about people and I took the lid off the toilet and fix it because I know Plumbing the leak has stopped I totally girls the day of I have to fix it and they were please but this morning I went in to store and just made a funny little comment about the toilet ask me if it still fixed Embers the long hair girl and the one of them speak very good English got all ghetto on me nasty not understanding where I said and not really caring and that’s why I asked for the owner’s phone number and they ignored me and told me they don’t know when he’s coming in Solo shock cuz it is a franchise and I know the franchise guy not personally and I know he’s a great guy but he’s got some really messed up employees working for him and that will affect the bottom line since I don’t know how to reach him I will make this post so everyone well now no what I went through for doing something nice and helping them and saving them money