10900 W Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33351, USA

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Catholic Church and School in Sunrise, Florida Coming together as Family to Form an Authentic Human Existence in Christ.

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Natalia Maronich June 3, 2020 2:34 am

Love being part of ASCS. Teachers care, their academic system is strong, values and discipline, teaching kindness and love…has no price!

Gail Couppe December 12, 2019 2:42 am

ASCS is an awesome place for children to learn and grow in a wholesome, loving environment. The curriculum is rigorous, but the rewards are great.

Monica Bezada-Zito August 5, 2019 11:42 am

Great school

Anne Regrtestone January 18, 2019 3:30 pm

My child moved from a daycare facility to attend the pre-k at ASCS due to the staffs poor (downright awful) way of conducting classes and disciplinary actions. My child was so happy when we made the switch, but after one month, the complaints started rolling in. First, we were told that my child shouldn’t be hugging other kids; that isn’t allowed. Then they said that my child was acting up, pushing or hitting, and that wasn’t NORMAL. I was told to contact CHILD FIND (in Broward) to get my child in to help getting through a so called ROUGH PATCH. Daily notes were given and my child knew it, getting so worked up my child’s mood would change knowing one was in the backpack. So we changed tactics at home, and for awhile, things seemed to have gotten better, since there were no more notes. Then it started up again. YOUR CHILD DOESN’T LISTEN, YOUR CHILD RAMS HIS BIKE INTO THE FENCE, YOUR CHILD DOESN’T PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS, YOUR CHILD DOESN’T SHARE, etc, etc, etc. During that time, daily questions about DID YOU CALL CHILD FIND were coming from the teacher AND the director. Imagine you being asked in front of other parents, being told your child’s conduct and the desperation of knowing if they have been seen or not. To make a longer story short, the conduct of the teachers, aftercare teachers and director are so unprofessional its a wonder HOW they can be classified as teachers. From notes to text messages to meetings with them, this has been a mental strain on our family, my child isn’t the same happy student like in the first month. My child is labeled, and they want to know what condition my child has to get expelled.

If you want your kid to be in a structured environment, where only angels are allowed, prim and proper, then this is your place. If anything unusual is seen in a child, it is branded as a CONDITION. It is obvious my child isn’t a fit for that type of environment, and that is fine. But to label my child as having a major CONDITION, well, I am sorry to say, they were a big part of my child’s personality change, because my child has everything at home, from loving, caring parents and a to be a KID WITH NO MENTAL ISSUES.

Somara Mullings April 23, 2018 9:02 am

The principal & staff hates black people. They accept your child in the school only for financial reasons & treat our children like animals. The Catholic Church is no position to dislike any other group when the head of the churches are raping, violating & robbing little boys of their innocence and ruing their lives.
All Christian schools have grown in enrollment except the Catholic Schools (Step Up For students). My 6 year old came home with a bloody shirt (Mrs. Nasca’s class) & no one could explain (cut on her arm). She was not given a bandage, was not sent to the clinic, her parents were not contacted. Next incident, my 6 year old came home with a bloody mouth (2 cuts on mouth). Again the teacher was aware & not even ice was given to her. She was not sent to the clinic & Parents were not called.
She kept having excruciating stomach pain & the teacher told her she was fine. Then Mrs. Nasca moved her seat so she could not see the board. Other white children got hurt & were immediately attended to. The school is now being investigated by Broward Sheriffs Office and Institutional Abuse (The Dept. of Children & Family) for child abuse and neglect. When I asked about these matters we were asked to leave the school.