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Building confidence, strength, and discipline in our martial artists since 1980. Our style, MuDoKai, mixes the best of karate, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, MMA, and more. Come try a free class!

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Ahjere Bowe May 28, 2020 8:47 pm
Jo Ellen Bate February 4, 2015 5:48 pm

Mantra: A black belt is just a white belt who kept coming to class. An older middle-aged beginner to Karate, I joined this dojo based on a friend’s recommendation, for health reasons. During this first year and a half of training, found the classes challenging while allowing individuals to learn at a pace according to our abilities. The atmosphere is one of welcome, encouragement, and mutual respect, fostering personal growth and self-confidence. There are no “automatic” promotions: every belt is earned by mastering that level’s curriculum. A large percentage of students have gone on to win state and national competitions. Black belts from other disciplines have come to our dojo to broaden their skills.
Currently, I have earned the rank of blue belt, working toward green. Through training, I have achieved greater balance, coordination, awareness, agility. AIKI provides a world-class experience with world-class instruction tailored for any age group. (Classes grouped appropriate to age.)

Joe Winn October 24, 2012 8:22 pm

To preface this: I’ve been training here for 15 years, so please take what I say to heart.

Martial arts changed my life…for the better. I started, like many others, in middle school in an attempt to confront the relentless bullying kids unfortunately experience. It worked (when you believe you can defend yourself, bullies don’t enjoy it anymore), but it did so much more. It gave me confidence, discipline, social comforts, and toned my body and mind in ways that helped me succeed in school, university, and professionally.

Kid or adult, beginner or experienced, balanced or clumsy, there is a class and place for everyone at the school. I’d strongly recommend a visit and a free class just to get a feel for the amazing concepts espoused in martial arts. Tell them Sensei Winn sent you. 😉