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Over 5,000 homes saved. Our experienced Foreclosure Defense Attorneys fight foreclosure and defend homeowners in FL, IL, NJ, NY and PA. A law firm you can rely on.

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Tina Taylor October 17, 2019 10:33 am

I had Ruth Gross who did a fantastic job…everyone at this agency worked very hard on my mortage…and they were great….God Bless Ruth…she really got us a great deal…May God Continue to help these wonderful people keep on working to help others. Christine and Michael

Miranda Lewis September 19, 2019 10:26 am

I cant even put into words how grateful I am for this firm and how they helped us. We had been having financial difficulties for a while and fell behind on our mortgage payments. We applied for a modification on our own last year and didn’t get approved. We tried to keep up as best we could but earlier this year our bank decided to initiate foreclosure. I was a wreck I just wanted to keep my house. I looked around for an affordable attorney and sent a message to Amerihope explaining what was going on. Debbie called me the very next day. She took down all my information and was able to ease my fears. I decided to retain them based on her and how confident she was that they might be able to help. Within days of them being retained I was contacted by Gregory Nordt to discuss my case. As my case went through all the different departments I was notified on the status of my file. Then I had the pleasure of speaking Rosie Delgado. She is amazing she explained fully how the firm works and how the process works on their end. My case was officially assigned to Ruth Gross. She was absolutely phenomenal! She called me to let know what documents to submit. I sent them over to her ASAP and then received a call the very next day so she could let me know what was missing. I got them to her that same day and with three days the package was completed. My lender at one point stated that they were missing documents I forwarded her the letter they sent me and that same day she had contacted them and got the package to their underwriting department. I received weekly phone calls and emails letting me know what the status of my case was. She was also able to answer any questions my husband and I had and answered them promptly in almost every case within hours. As stressful as it all was I always felt I was in good hands with this company. In some instances the funds for the service fee were not available on the due date. The payment t department was amazing they worked with us to pull the payment 2-3 days after the due date with no trouble. We were informed today we got approved for a trial modification. For the first time in three years I don’t feel the stress and fear that we are going to lose our home. Put your trust in this firm if you do everything they advise you to good results will come. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Amerihope I will be forever grateful for what you did for me and my family!

rod bailey February 20, 2019 7:37 pm

What can be said that hasn’t been said about the good work thus company does for us.
Especially through Ruth Gross. What a knowledgeable patient and efficient person.
She was on top of everything .And kept us iinforme As for me and the family this was the best decision we could’ve made.

Timothy Dorsey October 23, 2018 8:22 pm

Total con artist. They slow walk everything! Signed up took 2 weeks before the initial conference call submitted documents took 3 weeks to review. Would had been longer had I not called. Lender then need a “letter of explanation” they sat on it another week until I called and fired them. 8 weeks and $2500 I got one court filing and they still could not seem to manage to submit a borrow assistance packet to the lender. I was told by sherrill Clark “it’s not a quick process” as if reviewing docs and clicking forward was suppose to take 2 months. Junie desconille was the paralegal that comments about all the awards they earned. She is the one when I call to question about taking 3 weeks to review the documentation replied “I sent an email but forgot to click send… sorry” at $595 a month. Like I said total con artist with predatory practices.

Erric Z September 13, 2018 5:53 pm

My experience with Amerihope was amazing. They told me time and time again there was no guarantee of the investors accepting my application but Ruth Gross helped me every step of the way to getting that acceptance letter and a final loan modification. Ruth stayed on top of my lender, ensuring follow up calls were made as needed. Several times I got conflicting answers from the loan servicer but Ruth was able to clear things up immediately.

If not for Amerihope Alliance, I would have lost my home to a Sheriff’s Sale after a 5-year struggle. YMMV.