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George Burke May 10, 2019 11:39 am

I commend BARC housing for the job the do with their residents, I recently spoke with a staff that was walking with one of the residents and he was very polite and had the resident under control. He told me he was doing and activity with the resident and I thought that was cool. Great Job BARC!

Todd White May 10, 2019 10:52 am

I was outside when the staff working for BARC was successfully taking control of the situation with the young man. Although Jessica was acting erratically, you could tell the young man who Jessica was writing about was under control. The staff did apologize for the mishap and you could hear Jessica attempt to disrespect him. You could hear her say, “Those people should be in cages” the lady was very much frustrated and said that she’d do everything she can to get this place shut down. Her behavior was very disturbing and being that I was an onlooker, I reframed from intervening in this conversation. I also could over hear her stating that the young man ran in her home before, meaning that this situation had nothing to do with her and the ladies who home was affected stated, “The young man didn’t touch anything he just ran in and ran out looking confused” No one was harmed and I also overheard them saying that they will lock there doors to prevent things from now on. Reading Jessica’s review was disheartening and rather disturbing being that she’d make those statements regarding the “Special Needs” population and then to see this review was not surprising she’d fabricate a story the way she has done. I feel that all the place needs is a better fence.

Jessica Naylon May 5, 2019 5:21 pm

Don’t trust this facility to care properly for your loved one. I live next door and one young man has repeatedly hopped our fence. He entered my house, at 4 a.m., completely naked and proceeded to go upstairs. That particular night my children’s father wasn’t there, but had he been, he would have been armed and who knows how it would have ended. Well, through out the year, he has successfully escaped, over and over. He entered my neighbors home yesterday and again went right up the stairs and rummaged through her belongs before being chased out. At which time someone from the facility was there to receive him. While apologizing and making excuses, it become apparent to me that they don’t plan on keeping him safe. The faculty member told me he is trying to teach him how to come home. While I understand it’s important to teach him how to get back home if he leaves, it’s more important that they don’t allow him to leave. This man, cognitively must only be 2. He tasted a puddle at his feet yesterday. He pulled my hair. He came into my home completely naked. He is lucky to be alive. I’m sure this is happening in the surrounding neighborhoods as well. In fact we are organizing a community meeting to discuss this later this week. The police told me he swims in the lake next door and someone had Benn As far as the canal by home depot before the police found them. At this point, it’s a regular occurrence. I hear other things with other people that lead me to believe this faculty is lacking the training and the means to provide around the clock care for your loved one.

Claudine Pierre March 21, 2017 8:02 pm
Einar A September 17, 2014 11:16 am

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