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If you or a loved one are the victim of dental malpracitce, call the Florida Dental Malpractice attorneys at Lane & Glassman today, at 1-(800) 343-0244.

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Jeff Dawson September 23, 2019 8:22 pm

It’s true what the low reviews say, not worth anyones time. He picks and chooses, is probably because he’s not a strong attorney. Peace…

Onelove P May 14, 2019 8:52 pm

I called several lawyers about my dental malpractice case and all of them told me that I did not have a case because my injury was a risky procedure. When I spoke with Mr. Glassman, he immediately recognized the cause of my injury and told me that I had a case. I hired Lane & Glassman, two lawyers who made me feel comfortable because they were very knowledgeable and they understood the nature of my case.
Dr. Lane, a no-nonsense lawyer, displayed his expertise and wisdom in my case through his vast knowledge and background from his years in the dental field.
Mr. Glassman showed compassion and detailed every step as the case proceeded.
Hiring Lane & Glassman provided the confidence of knowing I had an aggressive team on my side and the case was resolved within six months.
Their medical/dental expertise is without a doubt their strength, making them a phenomenal team.

rapjrftmb May 1, 2019 3:11 pm

Mark Glassman and staff kept me grounded and motivated over a protracted legal battle in which, we ultimately prevailed. Aside from his peerless knowledge and experience in regard to dental malpractice litigation, he employs a shrewd wit, legal acumen and a voracious tenacity to pursue justice for his clients. I highly recommend this man and his fine staff in your time of need.

gktbay84 April 19, 2019 2:05 pm

In summary, I had made it through tonsil cancer (survivor), experienced dental issues, pursued professional help as advised by my EMT, fell victim to a dentist choosing to extract a tooth from freshly radiated oral tissue, jaw bone and teeth vs. countering my infection – BIG MISTAKE!
Please note: I had only completed Radiation treatments and Chemo less than two months prior to extraction. What a dangerous medical decision.

Immediately after, I experienced tremendous pain with continued infection, had two surgeries to try to save my damaged jaw with no long term success. At an all time low and feeling hopeless, I researched to find legal counsel, resulting in my contacting Lane and Glassman. With conviction, FLORIDA DENTAL MALPRACTICE LAWYER, Dr. Lane, educated me of my actual dilemma’s threat to my future health and recommended a spectacular surgeon here in Florida. This resulted in confirming the immediate need and then action to remove my deteriorating lower jaw.

This advise from both Dr.Lane and Mr.Glassman was invaluable! I immediately hired them to represent me legally and pursue restitution for my losses and tremendous future expenses. This relationship resulted in professional service, opening doors to solutions and settlement for my losses.

Dr.Lane and Mr.Glassman will forever be realized and recommended by me for the professional, knowledgeable and compassionate services rendered – Crusaders On A Mission, to right the wrong doings in the dental industry.

G.Koss – Central Florida resident

Kristina Snelling April 10, 2019 11:08 pm

My dentist damaged my nerve while extracting my bottom left wisdom tooth. When the bottom half of my mouth was still “numb” 4 days after the procedure, I did my research. This “dental paralysis” could last a few days, weeks, a few months, but after 6 months it was most likely to be permanent. When the 6 month mark hit, I immediately called the BIG Morgan Firm that is all over tv ads, radio ads, etc. I answered all of their questions and was told I would receive a call back. They called me back quite quickly with a referral to Lane & Glassman as they were THE specialists in dental malpractice. Apparently it’s very hard to prove dental malpractice or negligence. Well, I beg to differ if you have Attorney Glassman and Dr. Lane (oral surgeon AND attorney) on your side as they most definitely proved it for me!!!!