6399 W Oakland Park Blvd, Lauderhill, FL 33313, USA

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Broward County Library is your window to a world of learning, opportunity, education, and more! We invite you to explore the wealth of cultural, educational and recreational opportunities that await.

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Mannyhl Herrera December 15, 2019 4:19 pm

Great relaxing environment, free parking, outstanding customer service, always very helpful librarian staff

rtothemutha . November 29, 2019 6:23 pm

All Broward county libraries are closed on Black Friday

Sophia Miller November 7, 2018 2:22 pm

It’s very quiet. There is a children section. The library offers French classes.

Trey H September 14, 2018 5:31 pm

There were some books I wanted to check out and I knew that there was an unpaid balance on my account. So I asked the gentlemen at the front desk what the highest balance could be to check out books so that I could pay the minimum amount. One didn’t seem so sure, and the other responded with assurance so I started towards him until the first insisted to help. He pulls up my account, the minimum subtrahend is five dollars and I tell him that is the amount I’d like to pay while handing him a twenty expecting change. He put the WHOLE TWENTY DOLLARS ON THE ACCOUNT. Agitated I repeated that I only wanted to spend five dollars, and without a second to think he snaps “No you didn’t.”

“Yes I did !” 
“Well it already went through so I can’t take it back” he deflects. 

And in that instant I snatched my receipt and left: NO empathy, NO diplomacy, and NO integrity… I had intended to frequent this library from now on because I feel the staff at West Regional are a little bit rude (and that makes a difference to me because I value character over convenience). Well it seems like I’ll be going back over there because although my experience with them may be mildly unpleasant, at least they can follow directions in the midst of that. That is something I can accept.. but this particularly is not acceptable.

Tiny Rick May 6, 2017 2:16 pm

Tiny library, very stuck up and not alot going on. 0 outlets so if you need to charge go anywhere else, also shares a parking lot with the police dept so you have that