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Verisimilitude Dude March 4, 2020 3:51 am

Pizza Pizza. Gotta love it love it. They have awesome deals such as a medium sized cheese or pepperoni pizza for $5, hot and ready to go. They’ve got lots of other great deals too, such as the $5 lunch special, which has four big thick crust pieces and a Pepsi or other 20 oz bottles drink. I could go on but my thumbs have had it. I’ve been writing a couple of reviews now and it’s time to go back to the farm house, put my feet up and sit a spell.

Margaret Scott February 22, 2020 12:00 am

I gave this a one star rating as I am not able to rate it less. Today I went into this Lauderhill store on Oakland Park Blvd to pick up an online order from the Pizza Portal. The portal door was not opening and so I asked the representative for assistance as he was the only person in sight. He ignored my 3 respectful requests for assistance and after I enquired to speak to the manager, he told me he was the manager and since I am asking, he would not be assisting me as he had a line of orders to take before me. He refused to provide his name when I asked and proceeded to disrespecting me in front of the entire store, arguing loudly and saying he did not care as he “was the manager”. Another employee came around from the back and assisted me, saying to him “Johnny don’t you know not to argue with customers.” He said he did not care. Lil Caesar’s is this the kind of people you hire in your stores. Employees who take it upon themselves to disrespect customers? I am also 100 percent certain that this man was not any type of manager or even supervisor as I know that a supervisor would at least have some common sense as not to verbally customers for no apparent reason. You need to do better.

Ronan Kelly January 30, 2020 10:20 pm

I simply like their food. I always get good service here. The place is always clean and the workers are always super nice. Will come visit again.

Joe Coop’da’ville January 11, 2020 2:57 pm

Pizza isn’t hot and ready anymore, the staff are young and immature and the business is running out of structure. It’s very unorganized here. I live across the street and this is every single time i go here for my kids! The wait time is at least 25 minutes. Their excuses are either “we’re short staffed”/”pizza not ready yet, it’ll be done in 15 minutes”. The managers are entirely too young to understand the fundamentals of running a shift. Freshman’s still in High School. The pizza racks are always empty. I called with plenty of complaints. Complaint specialists call back but whenever you answer they hang up in your face on purpose just so they can leave a vm stating they called smh. It’s very sad. Little Caesar is losing the touch they once had. Time to give the business up to someone who serve their customers what they advertise on time in a timely manner…

Haley Macdonald November 26, 2018 6:14 pm

This literally was the worst pizza/ crazy bread experience I’ve ever had in my life with Little Caesar’s and I’ve been eating it Since a kid. The crazy bread wasn’t cooked and was absolutely unedible there was almost two full garlic cloves worth of garlic on the bread and drenched in butter and or garlic sauce. I literally poured the liquid out of the bag and wiped off as much of the garlic as I could but then add the bread seemed as though it was raw I truly thought this atrocious crazy bread was intended for someone trying to get revenge or something. I won’t ever return to this little Caesar’s again. Literally could not eat. Then the pizza had way way too much red sauce save almost no cheese it seemed as though it had to have been this person’s first pizza. This location had not been the best to begin with but they have gone down hill completely. Add in my fiance had to wait an extra twenty minutes in line when we ordered ahead of time to use the pizza portal but he wasn’t able to retrieve our food because although it was “ready” I use that term loosely, they had failed to enter our code for him to open the food portal with our code. Trust me drive the extra mile and a half to the other location near by. In the pictures in the garlic and liquid from one crazy bread bag. Honestly I’m lucky it didn’t spill out onto my car seats and managed to leak to the top of the pizza box.