9797 W Broward Blvd, Plantation, FL 33324, USA

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Carol Hamilton March 11, 2020 11:49 am

I will NEVER use this station again! I regularly stopped there for gas and a quick car wash until the car wash malfunctioned and broke my driver side mirror. When I told the manager what happened he said I should have used “common sense” and not gone in the car wash. I had no way of knowing it wasn’t working properly and having used it before without issue there was no reason for me to believe I shouldn’t have used it that day.
Things happen and machines malfunction but for the manager to be so rude and act as if it was my fault was completely unacceptable! If I could give them zero stars I would, this is not a good look for you Marathon.

Alberto Orozco March 8, 2020 9:56 pm

On 03/08/20 around 4pm that older Spanish guy behind the counter is the rudest person in that place, he was rude to both costomer in front of me, and then me, I told him I went a little bit over inside the carwash and the screen read back up slowly and I did, he told me that it looks like you already got your car clean. Smh he than went in side for the keys of the carwash and was shaking his head and Cursing

Chelsi Vxbe November 7, 2019 7:41 pm

Haitian girl at the register is extremely rude. Failed to inform me about code on receipt for car wash then caught an attitude with me because I didn’t know.

Linda DiLorenzo August 30, 2019 4:00 am

The marathon at 9797 Broward Blvd, Planation FL 33324 is price gouging horribly. They woudl only allow you to pump premium gas and are charging 9.98 for a case of 24 bottles of zephyrhills. This is absolutely disgusting and i have filed a complaint with Attorney General and on their website. DO NOT GO TO A MARATHON GAS STATION!!!!!!

Timothy Master of Sybil Destroyer of Coconuts! January 22, 2019 2:14 am

I am currently on minute 13 of a 20 dollar fill. I could have killed a lizard and waited several million years until it turned into crude oil, then I could have built a refinery (even though I only have a humanities degree) and made my own gas. It would have been faster. Also, pay at pump doesn’t work.