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Miriam Alfonso Michaels June 23, 2019 8:46 pm

My mother has been a resident at this location approximately 1 month now. Every time I visit my mom is either missing her glasses or her dentures. I have filed several complaints and grievances but they have not helped. As if that is not bad enough, the nurses or CNA’s are sitting about on their cell phones not even interacting or assisting the residents. When I ask for assistance or for the person in charge they either ignore me or act as if they don’t understand what I’m saying and just walk away. Today the nurse in duty was unprofessional and it literally took over 1/2 hour to get her name from her AND that was with an administrator requesting the information on my behalf.
In all honesty I am disgusted by the staff here and how this facility is ran. First thing tomorrow I am looking for another facility and transferring my mother out.

Treniece Lanier May 3, 2019 4:12 pm

Very clean n nice environment

Renee Bahadosingh June 28, 2018 10:58 pm

It seems to be great to get the patients admitted however once the staff realizes you are involved with your loved ones care to include questioning medications that are prescribed etc or treatments ordered you become a TARGET to get that patient OUT.The rudeness is beyond belief ESPECIALLY over the phone..GOOD LUCK trying to get through if ever you need to speak to a staff member -holding for 30 mins or longer and several calls at different times of the day or night during the week or weekend it does not make a difference.Its funny how one of the reviews that this an EXCELLENT NURSING HOME was placed by an employee.I can understand it’s difficult to deal with clients with dementia and other cognitive challenges so having family that’s involved should never be frowned upon.Despite the many days of uncleanliness of my fathers room and bathroom I tried to work around it and sanitize and wipe up -change his bed linens myself to assist in the process however I cant change rudeness and bad attitude -from the Director of the facility all the way down to CNAs-here and there a pleasant smile from a housekeeper or a physical therapist which balanced out the bad attitudes.The staff has no regards for patients belongings-I went shopping for my father on three occasions to get him “rehab ready”comfortable sweats sneakers etc and if I was not able to visit for more than a day I would come back and see him in other peoples clothes despite the fact that I labeled each and every one of his items with his name .Dirty clothes stayed in his rooom for longer than 10days at a time even though they offered laundering in house daily -never happened until I inquired.The politics exist in this facility and to get my father out he was not accepted back after he was hospitalized for less than 24 hours due to medications given to him by the nurses without using proper clinical judgement.Beware don’t be too involved in your loved ones care !!!

Whitley Gilbert February 5, 2018 11:35 pm

Checked in and Checked out almost immediately
HOWEVER, my experience there and what I saw are unshakeable and HIGHLY UNACCPETABLE. We arrived late Friday – the staff didn’t really explain to me/us who would do what. We met some nurses, the person who did the “intake” spoke to me using jargon – I am NOT a nurse and don’t understand what “Full Code” means – I think I am intelligent (hopefully I didn’t waste my time obtaining an MSF degree) but to continue to speak to me using jargon was ridiculous. Then the paperwork was NOT correct – someone indicated that my Mom had bedsores. She did and does not – and when I brought it to the attention of the charge nurse, she talked in circles and did not allow me to correct it and now I understand they are trying to minimize their legal responsibility if in fact a patient develops bed sores, the rehab can blame the hospital… So, Mom got to bed and our CNA stayed the night with her. The next morning, I arrived. I began looking at the private room and bathroom. DISGUSTING. UNCLEAN. There was some sort of insect crawling around the wall, where there was dirt and crumbs – mind you, my Mom had NOT eaten there yet. I was grossed out. Immediately went to the nurse to complain and then went to WalMart and bought cleaning supplies, wipes, bleach, bug spray (there were bugs crawling around the crumbs on the floor!), air freshener, oh and I had to buy a comforter because I was not going to use the one that was provided. I saved the wipes to show the filth that I wiped off the bars in the shower, the TOILET, the floors were nasty and even after they sent the “cleaning crew” back in to clean (looked like they used a Swiffer), the floor remained disgusting. UNACCEPTABLE.
The room was allegedly cleaned again – still was disgusting.
I went back to the room, got my Mom, put on her mask and we walked down the hallway to get some exercise. As we are walking back, I see one of the dementia patients – a tall, tall man, walk into Mom’s room. I thought maybe he wasn’t in her room, but as we approached, he came out with a handful of her food – pasta and meat sauce – food was all on the floor. I cleaned it up and shut the door. Then the door knob starts to rattle, and in walks a little man/patient speaking Spanish. I said “no” and closed the door. He came in again. Then a little woman/patient speaking Spanish entered the room. My Mother does not speak Spanish and I’m not sure how she would’ve reacted to the latter two patients coming into her room, but I can tell you that she would have been completely mortified by the first man entering her room – I hate to even think about it. When I mentioned this to the nurse (Yvonne) her response was “They wouldn’t do anything to your mother.” Shocking reply. Didn’t comfort me in any way
The other MAJOR problem I had was that Mom is having difficulty with her mobility. Had I not been at the facility for 9 – 10 hours during the day and our CNA spending the night with her, I don’t know what she would’ve done. She can’t get up by herself to get to the bathroom and toilet did not have safety rails near it. The only time we saw anyone was to bring her food and medication. No one came in to check on her while I was there or while our private nurse was on site.
The STAFF was loud and laughing and yelling at each other in the hallway. Our private nurse did use the call button once to get the staff and she said it took them a very long time to answer and before they arrived, she could hear them talking and laughing loudly in the hallway.
My comfort level vanished. I was ready to leave. Would never recommend this place – makes me think of Renfield at the lunatic asylum which is heartbreaking because many of the people there cannot speak up for themselves and may not have loved ones to speak on their behalf. The facility has to do better than that for these people – it’s simply not right.

I’ve attached pictures of after the room was cleaned. See for yourselves.

Animal Aid inc July 5, 2017 11:20 pm

I have a loved one here and when I visited, I was impressed with the private room he was in – it was very spacious and clean with a huge window and nice view. The nurses were very friendly and caring. He was getting daily shaves and had quickly made new friends. The second time, I visited him during the lunch hour and the staff was very attentive and the food looked impressive. I am glad he is there and I would recommend this establishment for rehabilitation or long term care.