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Andrea Gil October 10, 2019 3:35 pm

Unfortunately we had a bad experience here. My 81 year old mom fell and broke her leg but besides that has stage 4 cancer. Every night they brought her the wrong pills and also very late. Her wound care was awful maybe every few days it was changed if that. The nurses had bad attitudes whenever you ask for something. Don’t get me wrong there was maybe 1 good nurse and 1 good CNA. The only wonderful and positive thing I can say is that Keysha made
Everything better. She is so caring and came by everyday to see my mom. I had to make the decision to take her out of this facility. Keysha deserves 5 stars out of 5 for the rest I am sorry to say it’s 1 star if that.

MaryLuz Garcia August 30, 2019 9:14 pm

Late post. My mom was there for a month in the beginning of 2019. Most of the nurses and CNAs were nice to her, hence the 2 stars and not 1 star. however, it took them a long time to respond when she buzzes for assistance, especially since she had no mobility because of Parkinsons. Our main concern and reason we transferred her to another place was the lack of professionalism. Besides the fact that the place is very outdated, dirty, smells bad, low in supplies, and the equipment is old, the nurses, including the nurse supervisor were not very knowledgeable and were not on top of things. More than once they connected the oxygen machine incorrectly. If it wasn’t for the family being all day with my mom and noticing that her oxygen level was low, who knows what could have happened due to improper connection. My mom was dependent on oxygen. Another example is we asked to put my mom on a wheelchair to walk around and nurse said she did not know how to connect the oxygen!! Nursing 101 you would think! My mom had a tracheotomy which was supposed to get closed right away. Supposedly there is respiratory therapist that goes by often but after a month of asking they finally were going to start the process of closing the trachea because we insisted in seeing a respiratory therapist. They are not very efficient and did not show concern in a speedy rehabilitation. There needs to be better management and structure. Even the peg tube feeding was disorganized. There would be days my mom was disconnected from the feed for many hours and at times for almost an entire day due to lack of oversight. They claim to know how to take care of patients with tracheas but I would say not at all. The nurses, including the supervisor did not even know how the speaking valve functions (has a flap for air to go in and out) and would tell us that with the valve she would not receive oxygen, which is incorrect! In fact, she needed to use it as much as possible in order to get used to breathing with it. I would definitely not recommend this place unless there is no other option at all. The physical and occupational therapists were very nice and the basic therapies provided helped her to gain some strength back which allowed her to be approved at another rehab hospital which we are happy with.

Marcia Campbell August 21, 2019 7:14 pm

On a whole quite good except for one or two incidences which can be corrected. I give a FIVE star rating. Yes I would recommend Nspire. Facility is clean and therapy was good.
Islaine, Doreen, Sharon, and Nelly were most helpful, considerate, and made me feel welcomed and took good care of my husband. I would come back to this facility.

Claudette Robertson June 17, 2019 6:00 pm

Therapy was good, at times I had issues with getting CNA but head nurse resolved this issue from me getting here. The issue stop happening. I had diet food ordering issue getting here, the kitchen lady came in to resolve the issue. The team came in several times in the morning to meet me and the administrator. Its a good place for rehab services.

Maria Dankin June 12, 2019 1:07 pm

It was great nursing and physical therapy services were great. The nursing staff were always nice they are not as appreciate as they should be. The food was okay because I am much picky eater but I do thank the employees for always giving me options. I really would like to thank the staff for all that you have done. I hope I do not go to the hospital again but I would use this facility services again and will tell friends and family.