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Someone is September 5, 2018 11:55 pm

Plant high is great. But whatever you do do not pick digital design or any of miss. Maribel’s class she says whatever comes to mind. Literally she call the kids in the class “THESE GOD DAMN KIDS”, “ANNOYING”, and she called me a “FREAKING WEIRDO” She always get her personal matter in the class. She puts aggression in the class. I think this is inappropriate and disgusting for a teacher to say something like this. Teacher’s shouldn’t be bullies. She embarrassed me in front of the whole class. I can go on and on. I shouldn’t feel uncomfortable to go in a class because of a teacher.

dianne taylor February 27, 2018 7:26 pm

Live in this area for along time my son started out in peters elementary to plantation middle now he is a junior in plantation high school I love it but Formost he love it he is in band / steps and any other activity he can join to make the best out of his school year I’m proud mom the school is not what make the child is what the child make out of the school and I’m so happy my child choose is friend wisely I also think everything start at home it matters most parents think the school should do every thing thank god im not that parent I’m a parent that involve in my son life so that way he will succeed Thank u plantation for making my son feel at home away from home

Dee Johnson November 23, 2017 7:11 pm

One note of Criticism is Why would you name a school Plantation ? And have that school Contain mostly Black people ! Why ? If not racist I just find this really Ironic ! Why is their a city of “Plantation” And have this school be out of control with Fights. ! And teachers get beat up by first graders this is happen because we can’t talk about the elephant in the room ! I saw one of your teachers cry in fear on the news … DISGUSTING,NASTY and not how your educators should be treated Students need to be written up and Expelled. Stop hiding and running from the truth ! And their bright minds need to be protected ohh but I forgot this isn’t school it’s fight club. Parents if you care about your kids and you know they get a grades in the 80-90’s and above do not send your kids to this school pull them out now and send a strong message to the board of ed in this district !. Your kids will be bullied and beat up because many of them the are “children” the predators. Some of parents don’t want to deal with their kids them so they throw them to you the educator you now must be the police how is this happening in 2017. >:(

David Budhu March 25, 2017 11:41 pm

Plant is very underrated and not as bad as people say. Teachers are good better than the ones at my old school. The only thing I dislike is security makes a big deal about bringing a basketball to school like cmon now we talking bout a basketball.

James Serao January 14, 2016 2:58 am

Graduated in 01 and since the school has added a lot. Auto tech is probably one of the best classes they have. The school has never been the cleanest but it continues to expand and grow.