2000 SW 71st Ter # B10, Davie, FL 33317, USA

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Corey Rapoza July 15, 2019 1:33 pm

I brought my 1989 suburban in to get repaired over a year ago. Phil repaired it I got a back one month later it should have took 2 days I got a back 1 month later and it broke down a couple days later. Bill told me to bring it back then he disappeared for a month couldn’t get ahold of him finally when he came back he brought it in again . The next day on I 95 a cap came off the Transmission and all the transmission fluid leaked out of the truck. When i got a hold of Bill he got mad and asked what was i doing wuth this truck? I explained i was driving 60 mph on the highway when this happenned. I have bit my tongue for too long with this person . I have asked numerous times for a receipt for the $2400 transmission rebuild and he has never produced a receipt.I believe that alone tells of the integrity of this man and South Florida Core!!
Then he gets mad at me because he says call me on Monday and we will figure this out. When i got a hold of him finally I said ” I have been trying to reach you.!”
He says “No you didnt”
I figured at that point a reputable business will call me to repair their inept workmanship not the other way around. I have bit my toungue for too long as without a receipt i could not get angry as Bill would not repair properly..
It has been 1 year since my truck broke down and has never run properly..EVER!!
I have Been trying to call bill for over a month and he doesn’t answer the calls he finally answered to day when I called from an unknown number what a piece of work this man is!!
So I take the phone call this morning where then in the end he says I will not talk to you anymore so I explained to him that looks like it will have to be a judge you’ll have to talk to then who the hell do you think you are my truck is stuck in neutral I have no use of it it is not work right for more than a couple days and even then it wasn’t working right in the past year so my suggestion this is the last place in Florida I would bring my truck for a transmission repair and I will let everybody know that.

I guess will see you in small claims court my man believe me I have more witnesses than you can shake a stick at that have been witnessing what I’ve gone through the past year. The only thing I was missing is a receipt you know when you do business with somebody you give them a receipt that’s the one thing I do not have but I think the judge will write-up a receipt for me you hear me NOW!!!

Angie Buttach February 7, 2019 8:16 pm
Juan Vazquez June 21, 2018 4:56 pm

Bill is very honest and does great work.

Two years ago, my Mercury Sable had some problems. Everyone said it would need a rebuilt transmission. I got Bill’s phone number from a friend and called. Over the phone, Bill diagnosed the problem and said that it probably did not need a full rebuild, just a torque converter, but he honestly wouldn’t know until he took it apart. He towed the car from my general mechanic to his shop, and the next day confirmed that it was just the torque converter, and about half the cost of a full rebuild. I even asked him to double check the transmission, he said he had done that and it looked really good, no need to rebuild, and no need to pay extra. I had the car back and running in about 2 days.

Today I called him because I have a different car with a slight maintenance issue. I dont think he really remembered me, but he was very polite. We spoke for a little over 5 minutes and he explained everything very thoroughly and what to look out for so as to not be taken advantage of, and again he did not take my money.

Transmission shops in general are notorious for ripping people off, but Bill is the real deal. Don’t waste your time, or throw away your money, call this place first.