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Trusted Family and Internal Medicine Practice serving Sunrise, FL & Davie, FL. Visit our website to book an appointment online: Americare Medical Center

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Nidia Skokanic March 6, 2020 3:56 pm

I’ve been going to Dr. Gupta’s office now for many years. They are very attentive to every detail and I feel well taken care of. Easy to make appointments. Staff is caring and thorough.

S. Parker February 21, 2020 1:07 pm

Dr.Meenu Gupta saved my life by screening me and giving me a proper diagnosis and directing me to specialists to get treatment. She is a very caring and dedicated doctor. Very thankful for everything that she has done for me. May God always Bless her and her family.

j p August 22, 2019 5:58 pm

I’ve been going here for years, seeing both Doctors. They are the most caring healer, always listening and ready to figure out how to help you.

From the day I met both doctors, they have been professional and thorough in all testing, explaining your results to you one by one.

I highly recommend this office.

Isabel Flores March 30, 2019 2:12 pm

What a horrible experience. I went to this place with a piercing ear pain and vertigo. They got me in quickly and the intake was done by a nice staff member. The actual medical visit, however, was done by a Physician Assistant who is probably the most obnoxious and incapable person I’ve seen in a medical center or doctor’s office. She started by doubting my insurance. I had given the name of my insurance company but she asked: “What is that insurance?? Where is that from?” It’s a well-known insurance company in the continental US of which she clearly has no idea. It’s an employer’s insurance. Then when I told her I was visiting the area, she asked condescendingly if I was going to “stay”. I guess because I am a Latina she assumed all kinds of things. Like it’s not Florida and half of the people are Latino/a or from another country. She said I had to have a CAT-scan for a “possible low blood flow to the brain” or maybe I was “have a tumor or a stoke”. As blunt as that. A stroke, but the CAT-scan couldn’t be done right then because I had come in too late in the day. Who the hell tells you that you might have a tumor upfront and this coldly? This was like a freaking Telenovela where the doctor reveals the most unexpected diagnosis and they have a close-up of your astonished face accompanied by dramatic music. Oh, the drama. I told her it was the ear, it was hurting, it felt clogged, and I had had vertigo for days. She insisted on the CAT-scan but repeated I had showed up too late and had to be done the next day. I insisted one more time it was the darn ear, I’ve had it before. Three other times. Exact. Same. Thing. She finally mentioned a positional vertigo caused by the middle ear, look it up: Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), and added that she knew a “maneuver” to liberate the middle ear fluid, but she was not going to show it to me, that could be done “back home”. Well, I was flying “back home” in two days. She didn’t realize what that meant. Flying! As in getting on an apparatus used for transportation that lifts up high in the air, stays (hopefully) on air travelling for some time, and eventually comes back down to earth. And while the apparatus is doing all that, the air pressure inside the cabin changes, and it most commonly affects the passengers…drum roll… EARS! Talk about carelessness. I have a cousin who had the same problem and his doctor strongly advised him against flying, he had to drive back. But the trip back to Florida was too long to drive and he was stranded in St. Paul, MN, for 5 days until cleared by the doctor.

This PA’s examination is rude and poor, she touches you carelessly and doesn’t give a hoot if you are in pain or feeling miserable. She tries to impress with her apparent quickness. Actually, she cannot care less, it was closing time and I was the last patient. Go ahead, have a stroke, sleep well with your amateur tumor diagnosis and come back tomorrow, or get on a plane and let your ear explode. When she attempted to mention the CAT-scan the last time and I said I didn’t think I need it, but asked her to please treat the ear, she rudely pointed it was her job to tell me what she considered to be my case, she said she was going to give me antibiotics and medication for the nausea. Finally, as an afterthought, she ordered to draw blood “in case there is an infection”. I was left sitting in the examination room wondering what the heck was next. A few minutes later she shows her face halfway at the door and blurts “Any questions?” I asked if Dr. Gupta (who was in the office) was coming to see me and she simply said: “No”. Then somebody told me I was finished and as I was on my way out, the PA from hell added, in passing and from the nurses’ station, that she was also going to give me ear drops. She forgot all about the nausea medication. And, after that visit, I really needed it. Dr. Meenu Gupta didn’t even bother to see me. Oh, I called to find out about the results of the blood work and two days later, no one has called back.

Tara Pressley December 28, 2018 1:17 pm

I have been a patient with Dr.Mohan Gupta for 12yrs.He is a good doctor.He has great bedside manner and cares for his patients.I never had a bad experience with him.I feel that’s the way a doctor should treat their patients.I like his office hours too, and he is open on Saturday’s for patients who work Monday through Friday.His office hours are very convenient, and he takes walk ins too!!!