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Warren Goldberg December 10, 2019 6:05 pm

Great service.

Steph P Lopez September 23, 2019 9:25 pm

Very Rude !! No greeting , just as soon as I walked in , the lady behind the counter looked at me up and down with a nasty stare and said “we don’t take pillows .” It wasn’t even worth to ask this lady if she had another recommendation. Stay away from this dry cleaner location as others have had similar negative experiences.

Francois Gutt July 6, 2019 5:39 pm

AVOID this place at all cost. Didnt clean the suit and didnt iron it, they just gave it right back to me nicely wrapped. So disappointed:(

Christian Dettmer February 19, 2018 8:00 pm

Unacceptable, lousy work.
They can not press my pilot shirts correctly or replace buttons correctly, cracked or miss match buttons on a white pilot shirt.
When a bad press was found, the shirt was return, but the result was the same, unacceptable.
I will never bring anything back to this place again.
Did I mention attitude?
Sooo simple, not brain surgery.

danielmccormack1 . February 14, 2018 2:46 pm

I really don’t enjoy giving bad reviews at most places and would rather not give a review to a mediocre place because I don’t want to hurt local business and everyone has a bad day, right? The only time I feel it necessary is when I feel people should genuinely stay away from a business because their service is so beyond unsatisfactory that it borders on criminal or neglect…and this is why I am reviewing this Dry Cleaning Depot location.

I brought 8 shirts and 2 suits into get dry cleaned here on Saturday and was told by the woman at the counter that shirts would be $3 dollars for dry cleaning and that everything would be in early Monday Morning. The ticket she printed me said Monday at 5pm so I asked her if it was the morning or 5pm; she corrected the ticket and said I would be able to get it in the morning when they open at 7am. I told her that would be perfect because I would get it after the gym. She also noticed a rip in my suit and said that their seamstress could fix it for $8; agreed with her that they could do this as well.

I get there monday morning around 7:30am and, of course, the same woman who told me everything would be ready at 7am now tells me that things won’t be ready until after 5pm. When I brought up our prior conversation she told me “I apologize that you were misinformed”. I am not one to get angry for things that are out of my control so I told her I would be in to pick it up in a couple days; no big deal, mistakes happen.

I go in this morning, Wednesday, to pick up my dry cleaning and luckily everything is there. However, what I thought would be a simple pickup is further complicated because the price for 8 shirts and 2 suits is $95.68 and my alteration to my suit was not done. I asked her how the cost could be so much and she told me that each shirt was nearly $8 and tried to make it seem like I must have misunderstood because getting a shirt washed is $2. I have never once taken my shirts to a dry cleaner to get laundered and would never have agreed to pay $8 for a shirt as that is significantly higher than anything I have ever paid.

The girl I picked up from was a different person so I am not mad at her as she was simply scanning the bar codes but there was a manager about 3 feet away who made sure to keep to himself while I was disagreeing with the employee at the counter.

Lesson learned on my part, I am not going to get angry with someone at the counter so I simply told her what happened and when she offered no resolution I paid, told her I would be writing reviews on the dry cleaner, took my clothes and left.

I advise caution to anyone visiting here as I am not a fan of a bait and switch, non-prompt service, and a staff that seems used to these practices.