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Michael Kaminski September 24, 2017 6:20 pm

My troubles began on April 2, 2012. I had just added my wife, Olena Pogorelova, to the deed of our $250,000 condo. Ten days after seeing her name on the deed, Olena called the Florida Abuse Hotline to falsely accuse me of raping my precious daughter. She claimed that I had been molesting our daughter, Emma, ever since she was just a year old.
Shortly after, Olena filed for divorce. I had no choice but to leave our new home until I could clear my name, which wouldn’t happen for several years. I wasn’t able to return to my condo until 2015.
Several months later, I was cleared of all charges. The courts granted me visitation rights, which I gladly accepted – on the condition that I receive supervision for each visit, as a safeguard against further false allegations from Olena. It didn’t help.
Olena teamed up with Somy Ali’s nonprofit organization No More Tears to further ruin my good name. Over the next two years, I was subjected to over forty-five DCF investigations, four criminal investigations by two different police departments, and many attempts at restraining orders filed. I was eventually cleared of all charges.
During this period Somy Ali subjected my little Emma to three wholly unnecessary rape exams, despite coming up negative each time.
-May 2013
In May of 2013, I met with Dr. John Palmatier in Miami. I took a polygraph test in an attempt prove my innocence and passed with a 99.9% score.
-September 4, 2013
September 4th was Emma’s sixth birthday. At this point, Somy Ali and Olena must have felt that Emma hadn’t been through enough. Somy Ali’s organization, No More Tears, teamed up with “award winning journalist” Deanne Goodman and Five Hour Energy Drink to make a video that portrayed Emma and Olena as abuse victims that the organization saved. I later found, through court papers, the identities of three other foreign nationals posing as victims.
Several months after the video’s release, Somy Ali then told the court appointed forensic psychologist Dr. Gerena that there was physical evidence that I had molested my daughter. When the time came to present said evidence, they had nothing to show.
-November 20, 2014
After a court hearing in November, Judge Berkin awarded me full custody of my daughter. Olena has since disappeared and has not paid any of the court-ordered child support, despite having the means to support herself. Olena has eleven years’ worth of University degrees – four of which I had paid for with a High School Diploma.
Olena has made no attempt to contact Emma or exercise her supervision-only visitation rights granted by the court.
-March, 2015
A mere four months after the court ruled in my favor, Somy Ali’s organization made another video called “Happy 8 Years No More Tears.” This video depicts Olena as a hero, rather than the unfit mother that she is.
The video in question features Michael Ryan. Ryan is a Lawyer-Politician from Sunrise. He is currently defending Somy Ali and No More Tears. He has insisted that he was not a member of No More Tears’ board during this time period. These claims contradict No More Tears’ own records.
-August 2017
In the five years since 2012, I have lost my entire net worth to this endless battle with No More Tears. I’ve spent around $300,000 in legal fees alone because of Somy Ali and her organization. I’m now 60 years old and spend my time flying back and forth between Florida and New York, trying to keep my logging business afloat. I won’t be retiring anytime soon.
My only consolation is that Emma is safe.

Carlos Benitez July 21, 2016 10:24 pm
Fathima Ahmed July 17, 2016 3:41 pm