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Celicia Moxey May 16, 2019 7:53 pm

New owner Bar Investment group is awesome! After many months trying to resolve an issue with IT company Bar was able to resolve the issue for me fast and effective. Loving Sunny Lake

V 007 November 10, 2018 4:28 am

I AM SHOCKED ABOUT THE GLEN APARTMENTS OFFICE AT LAUDERHILL. and I confirm, the apartments in the Glen are full of huge roaches. But I am writing this comment for give my contribute to people and myself to stay away from The Glen apartments. The management of this year 2018 its very bad. First of all I am black and I am the first one who can tell they are racist in particular against whites people. I do not know where they come from but i think they are all Haitian, and not Americans.
Second: They are very rude and cold. The old management of 2017 were gentle and professional. Third: The rent here is very, VERY expensive and for every person who get inside the apartment must pay a fee and animals too. Now when you pay a huge amount of money to them, you pay for an apartment full of roaches and other issues, you pay to deal with very rude, cold and racist employed people. This people in the Glen office at Lauderhill do not realize that we pay their salary with our rent. I would fire everyone in that office right away. Someone should do something. From here i can see also that The Glen headquarter do not supervise their employees, because is impossible that these kind of people works there. Working in this field you deal with many people working hard every day to pay their rent regardless their skin color and their origins. So, who hell gives to you the right to treat people like that? THEY MUST BE FIRED RIGHT AWAY. I really hope one day someone drag them in the court.

ShanDee Cuteepie May 8, 2018 4:24 pm

Never ever let maintenance into your home. The first time I let them in my $1000 property is missing the same day. Apartment said one thing had me miss work to follow up with the police. Then to only turn around and say you have no proof use your renters insurance which didn’t cover the full value I lost on. I will be breaking my lease and taking them to court. The apartment has to take responsibility for hiring and sending thieves into someone home. Cant wait to move. Who puts this type of stress on a 9month pregnant person. Wish I never move into this place. Staff is rude and unprofessional.

Jonathan Cox August 29, 2016 3:57 pm

My experience at the Glen was a little jaded. Yes, the location is technically a little bit out of the hood and the price is cheap. I paid $1,000 flat for a one bed one bath. Usually, that’s not bad at all. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Pros: Ever since the new management there has been decently painted apartment buildings, well kept paved roads, and decent security I’d assume. I’ve had no issue with security or my neighbors.

Cons: Insects. Though they claim to do an insect clean every Tuesday or something I’ve had 5-7 instances where there have been giant roaches in my apartment on the second floor. There was an instance where there were termites too but it seems that they resolved that. This is the biggest thing, really. They really do need to invest in proper insect repellant or something. We shouldn’t have to take precautions like closing our bedroom door at night to prevent insects coming in.

Chassica Carnegie August 16, 2016 9:53 pm

They need a major renovation. I is infested with roaches. Other tenants told me they had same issues. They never replaced my vinyl flooring when I moved in. They would do patch work to repair then the issue would reappear. The parking is awful. You pay rent and can not park at your door or even close. Make sure they explain the parking rules too. I got my car towed because I was backed in to pack my car when I was moving out. The trash rules is another issue. Just beware. There are so other places to make a more comfortable and stress free home.