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Tang Keith October 8, 2018 3:59 pm

I second Daniel y Cristina Rivers’ review. I have been very patient and given this office over 8 months. Every time the PA spent less than 5 minutes with my daughter. usually the same comments, are you applying the cream? looks like we need more time, I want to see you again in 2 week. any question? Spray her face with something, put her in a dark room for half minutes and we are done.
I kept up with this because I understand the treatment take time. but I don’t think the office was paying her much attention.
We have never seen the doctor until 8 months later, when we question the progress, which seem to get worse not better.
When we have finally seen the doctor, he took one glance at my daughter and then the rest of them time looking at the clip board. Kept saying that if we need to see result, we need to come in consistently, every 2 weeks. and then blame it on the Asian skin, saying we have the most difficult skin ??!!! just keep coming to the appt etc..
Maybe he is right about this thing takes time, maybe he is right that had we keep coming every 2 weeks and take that misty spray, and 30 sec in the darkroom, it would have done the trick.
But at the end I decided to find another dermatologist. just the fact that he never spend 1 sec of his time to examine her or even take a closer look at the patient. I feel that, the care in this office is just non-existence.

P.S. I wanted to find out what they charge to the insurance for our visits. I found that they charges for consultation and treatment, plus some microsurgery or something. Which is a total BS. nothing remotely close to a procedure is being done to my daughter, ever… let along microsurgery.

Daniel y Sandra Riveros April 2, 2018 6:58 pm

Do not recommend this office. My advise is to look for a different dermatology practice. Have only seen Sue the PA, and she was very quick, didnt seem interested in my concern, brushed it off very quickly and seemed to be in a hurry to go somewhere else. Dont get me wrong, there are good and bad phycisians and good and bad PAs as in any other profession. Sue is not a very good choice in my opinion. I saw her again because I do love seeing PAs, and wanted to give her another chance, we all can have bad days, but I got the same response from her, so twice but never again.

Tara Alceus March 13, 2018 6:07 pm